Manufacturer: ALVA

ALVA Skates - Classic Tri Logo Pig Reissue - BLACK LOGO

Construction: 7 ply maple, pressed in Newport Beach, California USA.
Length: 29.5 inches.
Width: 9.75 inches.
Wheelbase: 15.75 inches.
Tail: 6 inches.
Nose: 3.50 inches.
Concave: Flat single kick.
Graphic: One color bottom and classic Alva faded top!

Made by Alva in the USA these re-issue (circa 1979) decks are a must have for any die hard skate fanantic! We have been waiting for these to become available again and finally they have arrived. The Tri Logo features wheel wells, comes with custom cut Alva grip (already applied) and is drilled using the new school style bolt pattern.

We suggest you use INDY 159mm model truck with 62 ALLIGATORS OR 60mm noskoolz for an authentic classic ride! These decks come and go quickly so don't get caught sleeping or you may miss the chance to get one of these classic Tri Logo Alva's!