Manufacturer: TUNNEL

The 90A Red Tunnel Rocks (opaque) were made in the same hardness as the original.

By skating these Rocks, you can learn for yourself what made the Tunnel name famous among skaters like Waldo, Doug Schneider and pretty much every other pro skater in that era.

For years, skateboarders have known that Tunnel wheels are legendary.

Poured in California, Tunnel wheels are the fastest, grippiest, rippingest wheels made. In short, the Tunnel wheels really rock!

Tunnel Rocks Wheels

Tunnel Rocks – From the Bombora Pipe in Norcal to the Dog Bowl in Santa Monica, every skater worth anything rode, or at least dreamed of riding, Tunnel Rocks. Designed by Mitch Haake, the side-set Rock wheels were a fast, smooth wheel known for vert, parks, pools and street. Team Tunnel even rode the versatile wheel over 50 miles per hour at the Signal Hill Speed Run in Southern California.

The 63mm Tunnel Rocks are available everywhere! With “Old School” embossed lettering and hot colors, the Tunnel Rocks will definitely turn heads.

(The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel.)