Manufacturer: BENNETT

Bennett Vector Truks -- 4.3, 5.0 and 6.0 sizes -- Great for carving and turning

Bennett have reintroduced their iconic Vector ™ truks and Sand-cast in the USA and built with the tall style cushions, Bennett Truks will turn on a dime and make surfing streets and carving banks a blast. Excellent choice for a turny ride -- a favorite for Slalom and LDP set ups.

Available in three stock sizes: hanger dimensions: 4.3" (109mm), 5.0" (127mm) and now 6.0 and two finish colorways -- Silver or Black with clear red Bennett urethane bushings (90a). Baseplate features both old school and new school mounting patterns.

Genuine Bennett Truks -- Classic designs revisited "The Vectors are nearly identical to the '70's issues. Whether you rode them back in the day or are going to try them for the first time, you will be stoked. They dive into turns and carve just like the originals." Brian Bennett -- Interview CW Magazine Fall 2006

Price listed is for one truck -- all Bennett Truks are sold individually.

ABOUT BENNETT TRUKS:  In 1975 Mr. Bennett made skateboard history with the introduction of the very first trucks made specifically for a skateboard. Known for their Big Red Rubbers ™, precision components and amazing turning ability, Bennett Truks ™ quickly became the choice of most professional and amateur skateboarders. With superior geometry enabling hard carving and tight snappy turns, Bennett's 70s issues are still on the cutting edge of performance. Over the years many have copied Bennett's legendary designs and features, but none have ever been able to duplicate the feel or performance. Bennett has reintroduced their iconic Vector ™ truks, while finalizing the development of the next generation of precision Bennett truks and wheels..MADE IN USA