subLIME SnotShot 56mm 99a


Sublime Wheels
Retro SnotShots Sublime Wheels
56mm 99a (set of 4)
Abec 11 subLIME SnotShot Skateboard Wheels Hey everyone check these out!! Abec 11's first skateboard wheels.
In true Abec 11 lime green style with black hub centers and a cool lime print.
If you have ever rode their longboard wheels, we're sure you'll love riding these just as much or maybe even more!!
These wheels are perfect for street, park, vert and sliding.
This design maximizes the contact patch

The demand for super high performance urethane wheels in the short board market has skyrocketed. Requests have been pouring into Abec 11 to start making smaller cored wheels using their superior urethane technology. The response is subLIME - a new brand of products made for street and vert riders who want more from their equipment. SnotShots are a centerset wheel which use a special anti-flatspot urethane formula in 99a. A more substantial width and contact patch provide the kind of speed and traction that you'd expect from a company that embraces all types of skateboarding.


  • Size: 56mm
  • Width: 33mm
  • Contact Patch: 18mm